Friday, July 25, 2014

Dolls Kill + Uber contest

Hi guys!

 I am really excited about today's post because the romper I'm wearing is from Dolls Kill, an online store I love love love!

Dolls Kill is my destination whenever I'm looking for something extremely cool that not just anyone would have. If you don't know what I mean by that, just take a quick look at their Bags and Belts section (here). 

I'm warning you, it's really easy to get distracted and spend hours looking through their website

IMG_5156 IMG_5287 IMG_5237 IMG_5181 IMG_5256 IMG_5285 IMG_5151 IMG_5383 IMG_5227
romper: Dolls Kill (here), chain ring and bracelet: Jasmina Jovy (new collection, not on on their site yet), hair tie: Kitsch (here), sandals: Ananias handmade in Greece (here), purse: vintage, sunglasses: Prada

Yeah, you could say I was really happy that day. I was just dancing and jumping around for no reason.

If you're a fashion and a food lover and live in the Boston area, Uber is partnering up with Ideeli and Stella to give a rider (and 5 friends) a chance to win $300 credit to shop at Ideeli, a $300 gift card for a lavish dinner at Stella, and their own private UberSUV driver for the night to cruise around Boston in for an unforgettable night out.

To participate in this contest:
 - Download the Uber app and use the code "InstantMilk" or sign up using my link - You will also get $30 off your first ride when using my code/link. This pretty much means a FREE Uber ride!

Are you new to Uber?

Uber is an iPhone/Android/Blackberry app that allows you to request a ride at the tap of a button and summons a professional driver to your side within minutes. There’s no need to worry about handling cash. Your fare is automatically billed to your credit card on file and there's no need to tip.
I take Uber a few times a week. It's much better than taking a taxi.
I'm an Uber addict!

Let me know what you guys think about this look and if you've tried Uber before:)!


Thursday, July 10, 2014


I once met someone who thought flamingoes were magical creatures that only existed in fairy tales (kind of like unicorns). If you really think about it, they look very surreal. How can a creature be so pretty? If you see them in a flock they look like pink cotton candy (yes, I know, I've been craving cotton candy these days).

Now, imagine how beautiful flamingoes would be if instead of feathers, they grew flowers. Actually, you don't really have to imagine that. You can just see it on the tank top I'm wearing on this post. This Flamingo Ruffle Tank is from The Classic Brand.

Summer in Boston is so hot I feel like wearing tank tops and swimsuits most days. I wish I could walk around the city wearing a swimsuit top and feel comfortable. But, since I can't really do that, I just wear the two of them together.

IMG_4696 IMG_4506 IMG_4598 IMG_4520 IMG_4581 IMG_4637 IMG_4603 IMG_4514 IMG_4710
flamingo ruffle tank: The Classic Brand (here), shorts: AOS (here), swimsuit top: Triangl (here)

I love this look because it's so casual and laid back. Perfect for a good walk or weekend adventures, specially on a really hot summer day.

If you like wearing tanks during the summer, but hate looking too plain, check out The Classic Brand website. They have good alternatives.

What do you usually wear in summer?


Thursday, July 3, 2014


So, 4th of July festivities will happen today in Boston. Thanks Arthur!

The Boston Pops show and fireworks have been moved to today, which means I am wearing my 4th of July shirt NOW. I had to run, take these pictures, and upload them so that you could see my outfit before I leave the house. And maybe get some outfit ideas for tomorrow if you're not in this area of the country.

IMG_4868 IMG_4979 IMG_4926 IMG_4995 IMG_4893 IMG_4958 IMG_4923 IMG_4944 IMG_4901 IMG_4887
american flag tank: The Classic Brand (here), rings and hair tie: Kitsch (here and here), swimsuit top: Bayana (here), shorts: DIY, sunglasses: Choies (here), shoes: JC

I hope you have a great 4th of July! 

Stay safe and don't let any hurricane ruin your day!