Saturday, June 29, 2013

summer, fishbowls, sunglasses, jelly beans

It just hit me that it is summer, that I won't have to do any more school work for a while and that all I have time to do now is relax (oh, don't you love that word?). I have so many great expectations for this summer. I am completely overwhelmed. I love that feeling. If I keep talking about all the things I want/plan to do I'll write a whole book here, so I better stop before I extend myself. 

On this post I am wearing a shirt that I love and wear more than you would actually think. This is my go to shirt when I don't know what else to wear in my closet. My favorite part about it is that it looks like a soccer shirt (or at least I think it does, even if my friends say it doesn't) with cutouts on the shoulders. 

I am also wearing a ring that I consider some serious piece of art. It's a little fishbowl with a fish swimming in it and some plants. I was looking for some glass terrariums to decorate my room and instead found ring terrariums and ring fish bowls. All the rings created by Gold Finger look like there is real life inside them. You just can't not fall in love with them.

shirt: can't remember, shorts: old, shoes: Zara, jelly beans clutch: We Were Warriors, sunglasses: imoimoi, fish bowl ring: Gold Finger

Check out some of my other favorite rings from the Gold Finger: the mini farm ring here, the hen ring here, and the swimmer ring here. They are so creative and interesting to look at.

On another note, what do you think about my sunglasses?


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Warby Parker Meridian Collection

I am always out on the look for good pairs of sunglasses. I may have mentioned this before, but ever since I got my Lasik surgery I find sunlight very overwhelming during the summer. I used to never wear sunglasses until I realized how important they are to keep your eyes healthy.

I don't own many pairs of sunglasses, but when I buy a pair, I like to invest on timeless designs that will last me through the years.

I am really happy to announce that our friends from Warby Parker are launching the limited edition Meridian Collection today June 25th. The collection features three new frames with an Aviator shape, named after their favorite disruptive writers: Frederick Exley, Ellen Raskin, and Flannery O'Connor. I already have my favorite Meridian pair, the Raskin Jet Silver. They are timeless, and the blue lenses add that touch of modernity to them.

 If you live in Boston you can head in to their store in Newbury St. and check it out! If you don't, then you can check out their website here to find the location closest to you, or you can see the rest of the collection on their website here.

Let me know what you think of the collection;)


Sunday, June 23, 2013

pinkest sugar and blackest spice flower crown

Quick post before I head to Phantom Gourmet Beach Party. I thought this flowery post would be a  perfect ending to an awesome weekend and a great beginning to a new week.

This flower crown seems so real that it gets lost amongst the rest in the bushes. It is so feminine that you don't need to wear any make-up with it and look super chic. I added some red lips to make the scene a little more romantic. 

flower crown: Crowned by Flowers, top: Zara (many seasons ago), skirt: Mentirosas

Didn't have much time to write this post, but I hope you enjoy the pictures!


Thursday, June 20, 2013


Here I am, at my favorite tea place (my idea of relaxation on a Thursday night), trying to write this post as fast as I can so I can go home and get ready to sleep. I have to wake up really early tomorrow morning, and being the sleepyhead that I am, I need to make sure I can rest 8+ hours. Otherwise I'll look like a walking zombie...

I am really excited about everything that is going on on this outfit post, especially the vivid colors. First of all, how HOT are these sandals? I feel like Beyonce in Crazy in Love when I'm walking. What about the rings? If you remember, I talked about my love for the Balenciaga rings on this post a long time ago and I now have this gorgeous one by Amelia May. She makes some of the coolest rings I've seen and I want them all.

 shirt/dress: imoimoi, shorts: old, clutch: 9September, rings: Amelia May (chunky one here and knuckle ring here)

OH and how cool is it that Instagram now does videos too?! I am obsessed. Today I did like 4 videos and ended uploading two. You should check them out here;)!


Friday, June 14, 2013

animal inspo

If you guys follow me on my Facebook page, you might have already noticed that I have been feeling inspired by animal pictures these past few weeks. 

I love love love animals. I usually tell my friends that I used to have a zoo when I was little, just for the amount and variety of animals I've had. I'm not even kidding! To my own surprise, I never really liked "owning" animals because I've always felt they should be free (Unless they're dogs or turtles, which I could never be tired of having). But, for some reason I ended up magically getting new animals year after year. They just randomly appeared in my room for my birthdays... 

I wanted to pump up your weekends with some sweetness and ferocious inspiration! 

By the way, did you see that albino turtle on the third picture? Most beautiful thing I've seen all week!

Happy weekend ;)


Thursday, June 6, 2013


If you have already seen the "CĂ©line, Paris" t-shirts everywhere, and your brain is over-saturated and can't take one more of those t-shirts, then this sweater from 21 Century Clothing is the perfect alternative/parody to it! It definitely adds a level of sassiness to any outfit. 

I tie it around my waist during the day while it's warm, and wear it at night when it gets windy. I have to say it is pretty addictive! I especially love people's reactions when they see it. I even decided I should start counting how many "meows" I get while walking down the street. 

My nails are not cat-shaped, but I wanted to recreate my own take on cat nails, and this is what I came up with. I think they look really cool, and the rings I'm wearing (my favorite at the moment) make them look extra fierce!

sweater: 21 Century Clothing (I also like this one and this one), shorts and t-shirt: DIY, rings: VSXNTAclutch: 9September

I also want to thank my roommate for letting me use her amazing shoes! Isn't it awesome that my roommate has my same shoe-size? I think I found my soulmate guys...

I hope you like this super comfy outfit!


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