Sunday, July 28, 2013

black mesh

On this post you'll see the most recent and versatile addition to my closet. I am really excited to finally have it in my hands. I had been eyeing it for over two months. 

This black mesh tunic (by bone + mini) can be used in so many different ways that I've already worn it three times for completely different situations. And the best part is that it is one-of-a-kind. This means, the chance of seeing someone else wearing the exact tunic is probably non-existant.

This time I decided to give the tunic a more romantic approach by wearing it with gold accessories and orange lipstick. The geometric gold bangles, by Violetfly, have been my go-to accessories this week, and the inspiration for my current nail design. Also, the mini sideways cross necklace is one of the necklaces I've been wanting to show you! 

I love everything minimal, clean-cut, and simple at this point.

black mesh tunic: Bone + Mini, bra top: Women's Secret (extremely old), cutoff shorts: DIY, bangles: Violet Fly here and here, cross necklace: Amanda Deer, grumpy cat nail decals: Sokay Designs

You should also check out James Society. It's another online store owned by the same people behind Bone + Mini. They have really good stuff!

What do you think about the tunic and the new accessories?


Thursday, July 25, 2013


The point of this post was to show you my super cute new bracelets made by Liza Casulli (you can go to her online store, Liza's Little Things, by clicking here), but then I realized how good my nails looked and decided to take pictures of them as well.

If you follow me on Instagram, these bracelets must be old news to you. I posted a couple pictures  right when I got them. I love wearing them together and feel like getting a few more. I've been collecting delicate tiny bracelets and necklaces with little charms and stacking them all together. 

About the nails, I JUST did them! I started playing around with some shapes and "Grumpy Cat" nail stickers from Sokay Decals. I really liked the outcome, and I am sorry if they look a little blurry... taking pictures with one hand is SO hard!

heart and cross charm bracelets here, "A" charm bracelet here, grumpy cat nail decal here

By the way, something extremely exciting happened to me two days ago. You must be so tired of reading this (since I posted about it on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram), but for those of you who don't know, I went to Beyonce's concert two days ago and was so close to her that I was able to grab her hand! I still can't get over it... I love her!

Check out the video I uploaded on Instagram here! But first mute your audio, my voice sounds extra annoying and super high for some reason.

Thank you so much for your comments! Can't wait to read what you think about these <3


Saturday, July 20, 2013

public gardens

If you've ever been to Boston, you know exactly where these pictures were taken. The Public Gardens are one of my favorite places to go to during the summertime, especially when it's hot out!

Saying that yesterday the weather was extremely hot is an absolute understatement. I was melting/boiling/baking/frying (and anything high temperature related) to death. I've decided to wear nothing more than swimsuits from now on... Just kidding!

Anyway, I know I haven't posted in about a week. I've been really busy having fun and taking advantage of every single free day I have. I've been doing the things I've always wanted to do but never had time to. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you already know I went to Six Flags this week. It was awesome! Except for the huge headache I got afterwards.

top: Salvation Army (for about $2), shorts: Boohoo, necklaces: Letters Earring, shoes: Converse, sunglasses: Delirious

I am in love with my necklaces from Letters Earring. I wear them all the time. I also have a few more that I want to show you on another post. They're all different lengths and I just love wearing them together.

How have your weeks been? 

Friday, July 12, 2013

my spring/summer nails

I haven't done any nail posts in a while, so I have pictures of a lot of the nail designs I have done in the past month or so. They can be fun to look at and I hope they inspire you while painting your nails this weekend for the upcoming week!

You might have seen most of the designs on past outfit posts or on my Instagram account iwantshoes. As usual, I took these pictures with my phone so some of them are a little blurry. 

popsicles: I created these with a dotting tool and different nail polishes. 
rings from: VSXNSTA

fourth of july nails: Just used red nail polish and rhine stones. 
rings from: Tiny Box

 summer flowers: I used different nail polishes and a dotting tool.
rings from: FromBrooklyneWLove

 summer skies: Again, three different nail colors and a dotting tool.

 jelly beans: I used red nail polish and water slide nail decals from I Heart Nail Art 
rings from: Tiny Box

milk nails: I love the outcome of these. I think they came out so simple and beautiful. I will do them again using other colors. I used two colors and a dotting tool for these. 
rings from: Tiny Box

pineapple: I used two tones of yellow nail colors, green, black, gold glitter, and a dotting tool. I loved these so much that I left the pineapple on my nail for two more weeks.
rings from: VSXNSTA

matte pink french tips: I used a pink and a matte nail color.

matte white french tips: I used clear, white and a matte nail color for these.
rings from: Amelia May

Do you have a favorite?