Sunday, November 17, 2013

I have been meaning to post about the shirt you are about to see, for about two months now... But with everything that had been going on in my life, it seemed impossible. 

At the beginning of this season, I was looking for tops that weren't too dark and still resembled the colors of Fall. Once summer is over, it seems like stores only sell black, gray, and dark colors. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE dark clothes, I just don't want to ban all sources of color from my fall wardrobe.

I found this top at Persunmall, an online store you have probably heard about. It's been all over the Internet for the past year, but this was my first time trying something from them. If you haven't checked them out yet, you might want to give them a try!

shirt: Persunmall (here), pants: Tobi (here), galaxy nail decal on my thumbs: IHeartNailArt (here), purse: vintage from SoWa, sandals: Schutz

I am also utterly obsessed with my new pants from Tobi. They are everything to me and have worn them non-stop for the past two weeks. Thank you Boston for allowing me to wear these kinds of clothes during this time of the year!


PS: If you want to win a $40 e-gift card to buy clothes at Urban Philisophyclick here to check out this giveaway that I'm running!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

instant milk 1 year anniversary + GIVEAWAY

You read it on the title! This week is Instant Milk's one year anniversary! 

My baby finally turned one year old, but this time, the birthday will be all about YOU! You can blow our cake's candle by participating in this giveaway I have prepared for you, in collaboration with Urban Philosophy!

YOU could win a $40 e-gift card to Urban Philosophy, which you can use to buy anything of your choice on their store! Who doesn't love free stuff?

To enter, you only have to:
- Leave a comment saying which is your favorite item, and your e-mail address! (click here to see the store)

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Leave separate comments for EACH entry, so we can count them when we choose the winner.

Winning is SO easy! You can have up to 9 entries.
This giveaway is international and will end on Wednesday, November 20th, at 12am.

Good luck!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

my halloween nails

Before you go ahead and read this post, I just want to ask you to PLEASE excuse my cuticles! They need to be seriously taken care of...

Last week, I wanted to make sure my nails would go with my Halloween costume. I decided to do a nail design that would have purple colors (since those were the colors on the flower crown I wore), and of course, black.

Some weeks ago I received this nail art set of brushes and wanted to get creative with them. I have had other brushes in the past but they were so stiff that I could barely use them to do all the drawings that I wanted.

I only had about 30 minutes to do my nails, since I had to go take pictures for my last post, and then get ready for a Halloween party. This explains why I only did one hand. 

I have to say the brushes were really easy to use and helped me do the skull on my index finger fairly quick!

nail art brush set: KKCenterHK (code: JR1131, find here), nail studs: KKCenterHK (code: NNAIL-DRN661, find here)

Hope you guys like this nail design, and definitely give these brushes a try. I have already done a few designs with them and am pretty happy with the results.


Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Something I love about living in New England, is being able to experience the fall foliage. I wanted to share some pictures of how the leafs look at this time of the year, before everything gets gray.

Luckily, the weather here in Boston has allowed us to keep wearing dresses. We've only had a few really cold days this season. But, for the most part, the weather has been great! We're also going to be having some warm days this week. Can't wait!

lime & lavender tunic: Urban Philosophy (here), denim jacket: Choies (here), shoes: JC

The dress I am wearing is from Urban Philosophy. A store I discovered over the summer and fell in love with. They have some really trendy stuff and all at affordable prices. Not to mention that you can take an additional 30% off on all sale items. Who wouldn't want these pants for $15, and this shirt for $12?


Sunday, November 3, 2013

my halloween costume

Guess what I was for Halloween...

Before scrolling down and looking at my pictures I'll give you some clues:

- I had a unibrow and was not Helga
- I had flowers on my head and was not a Dia de los Muertos skeleton 
- I had a Mexican related costume, and again, it was not a Dia de los Muertos skeleton

Did you guess? That must have been pretty easy!

I was Frida Kahlo.

But not just any Frida Kahlo. I was Frivolous Frida Kahlo... Very scary!

flower crown: Crowned by Flowers

Hope you liked it!

PS: YES! My friend (the one I talked about on my last post) took these pictures!