Tuesday, November 1, 2016

I am the hurricane setting fire to the forests


I know I have completely disappeared from the blog. It's a little hard to shoot and post as much as I would like to. I guess I've been busy with life in general, but I have been active on Instagram, so if you ever want to know what I'm up to while I'm away from the blog, you can find me there (@milkyinstant).

I have done a little bit of traveling since my last post: I went to New Orleans, Houston, Portland, Miami, and some Caribbean islands (in Honduras, Mexico, Belize and Cayman Islands). I've had a pretty good year so far and hope it stays that way. After last year, it was only fair.

I am debating whether or not I should post pictures from my trips. They were all taken with my phone so the quality is not the best.

Moving on to what really matters in this post: the pictures. I met with Melissa at the Arnold Arboretum for this shoot. If you don't live in Boston, let's just say we met at a very magical place. This arboretum is what fairytales are made of.

I wore this beautiful jumpsuit from Lavish Alice. It is one of my favorite clothing pieces, and it definitely is a showstopper.

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jumpsuit: Lavish Alice

I am not a Sunday morning inside four walls 
with clean blood
and organized drawers.
I am the hurricane setting fire to the forests
at night when no one else is alive
or awake
however you choose to see it
and I live in my own flames
sometimes burning too bright and too wild 
to make things last
or handle myself 
or anyone else
and so I run.
Run run run
far and wide
until my bones ache and lungs split
and it feels good.
Hear that people? It feels good
because I am the slave and ruler of my own body
and I wish to do with it exactly as I please

Photography by: Melissa Isabel