Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Goldie White Summer Essentials

It is giveaway time guys!

Goldie will be giving away its white summer essentials. One lucky winner will receive the three pieces below that you've already seen me wearing on this post, this post, and this post!

Mandatory entry with links (as explained above):
- 'Like' Goldie London's Facebook page here and leave a comment here about your favorite piece (of the three white summer essentials) and where you would like to wear it.

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Leave separate comments for EACH entry on Goldie's Facebook post.

You can have up to 10 entries.
This giveaway is international and the winner will be announced on Goldie's Facebook page.

Good luck!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

worth checking out!

As promised, I wanted to post some close-up pictures of the sunnies and accessories I wore on this post. I think those pictures didn't do them justice.

The products came in these beautiful wooden boxes and there are some more details to them.

Let's start with the accessories:

I'd like to point out that, I had never seen midi-rings in different colors. I had seen the typical silver and golden ones (which I'm sure you've also seen)... but blue, yellow, red, purple, green, orange, black, and the other colors of the rainbow? I know, that just blew your mind too!

Being the midi-ring geek I've become, I HAD to have them! So, thank you Ricardo for sending me these super cool pieces all the way from Portugal! I couldn't ask for anything else right now. My fingers are more than happy:)

You should definitely check his store out. He is really talented and makes very unique, out of the ordinary jewelry pieces. Plus, who wouldn't want to buy jewelry that comes in a cute tiny box to store? Oh, and the store is called Tiny Box by the way.

Now, on to the sunglasses:

Speaking of unique and out of the ordinary. Have you seen engraved and personalized sunglasses before? Because, I haven't! 

These hotties come into a case of their own too, with a cleaning cloth, and just the fact that you can add some sort of personalization to them makes them extra milky!

I find myself constantly talking about how much I hate wearing products with gigantic labels or brand names on them. It makes me feel like I'm a walking advertisement. Delirious calls them "products of idolatrous design" on the brand's vision, which I find super interesting and worth a read.

Delirious hand-crafts its sunglasses and cases, and the products are also limited edition, so if you get your hands on them you'll know it'll be really hard to see someone else with the same pair.

I love both of these stores and really wanted to take the time to describe how awesome they are. I love unique things. It seems like every time I step out of my house everyone is wearing the same clothes and accessories. Finding original stuff is SO refreshing!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

indian inspired

Another spring/summer perfection by Goldie. I like adding versatile clothing articles to my closet. Articles that I can wear in several ways and never look the same. 

I have worn this top with high-waisted pants/shorts/skirts, and underneath see-through shirts as a bra-top. This is the "bra-top" I was wearing on this post, by the way.

bra-top: Goldie, rings: Tiny Boxnail decals: I Heart Nail Art

Yep, I am actually an Indian descendant. Which reminds me, I want to eat Chicken Curry SO badly!

PS: An international Goldie giveaway is coming our way, very very soon;)!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

spring mood + Mentirosas giveaway winners!

White, silver, see-through things, midi-rings... This outfit fully describes my idea of spring!

 This bomber jacket by Mentirosas is the cherry on top to every outfit I wear this season. Boston has been super sunny and slightly windy these days, so you would understand why this jacket's fabric is perfect. 

I am also REALLY excited about the new glasses, clutch and jewelry I am wearing on this post. I will make sure to post more close-up pictures of them this coming week. But for now, you can see some close-up pictures on my Instagram account here!

bomber jacket: Mentirosas, shirt and bra-top: Goldie, shorts: DIY, shoes: Zara, clutch: 9September, rings and earrings: Tiny Box, sunglasses: Deliriousnail decals: I Heart Nail Art

The results for the Mentirosas giveaway are IN!

The winners from the U.S are:
#1 Amy L.
#2 Grace 
  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Las dos ganadoras de España son:
#1 Marta
#2 Beatriz U.
  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Remember, the winners were drawn randomly by Rafflecopter, through You will be contacted via e-mail by someone from the Mentirosas team!

Congrats to the winners!

...and for the rest, I will be running an international giveaway VERY soon. Stay tuned;)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

white lace dress

I haven't been to the beach in quite some time, so I decided to go to the harbor and breathe in the ocean for a while. This is one of the few places in Boston where you can see the complete skyline. It was such a relaxing experience.

And of course, I had to take advantage of the moment to show you this beautiful dress from Goldie! Remember? the online store I talked about on this post. 

The dress is so feminine. As you walk the tail flows in the wind and that just makes it ideal for this weather, now that it is sunny and breezy. Plus, you can dress it up, add some heels, and use on a night out!

dress: Goldie, midi rings: Galisfly, bracelet: Ted & Mag, necklace: from Venezuela, nail decals: I Heart Nail Art

Happy mother's day to all the mothers out there!

Don't forget to participate on this awesome giveaway (click) I am hosting right now!

PS: For better pictures of the nail design and the Boston skyline, follow me on Instagram: Iwantshoes

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mentirosas Giveaway! Win your favorite article of clothing!

Denim and leather! What an amazing union of materials. On a casual day (almost everyday), I'll wear jeans and a leather jacket. That is my favorite ensemble. 

The lines, the cuts, and the mix of denim and leather on this skirt by Mentirosas is all I need right now!

skirt: Mentirosas, shirt: H&M, rings: FromBrooklynWLove, shoes: JC

Finally the moment we have all been waiting for!

I don't want to take too much time away from the main focus of this post (the giveaway) and get down to business!

For U.S residents
This giveaway will have 4 winners:
- Two lucky winners will be able to choose ANY item from Mentirosas online store! (one of these winners will be from U.S. and the other one from Spain)
- Two other lucky winners will get a 40% discount coupon to Mentirosas online store!

To participate just enter all your information on the Rafflecopter. There are three mandatory entries, but you can earn up to 9 entries so you have more chances of winning. Piece of cake!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Sorteo para España
Este sorteo tendrá 4 ganadores:
- Dos ganadores podrán elegir su prenda favorita de Mentirosas! (un ganador será de Estados Unidos y el otro de España)
- Dos ganadores recibirán un bono descuento de 40% para una compra en Mentirosas!

Para participar solo tienes que llenar el Rafflecopter. Puedes hacer hasta 9 entradas para tener más posibilidades de ganar. Súper fácil!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

Friday, May 3, 2013

blooming days

Boston is at its best in the spring time with its warm weather and blooming flowers. I don't think I have seen any other city look as beautiful as Boston during this season. Spring in Boston is such a visual spectacle. All the vivid colors and flowery smells in the air are what keep me going through the cold winter days. This right here is what I look forward to seeing all year long! Apart from taking off the coats, and being able to walk around without shivering...

I believe I found the perfect tank top for spring and summer. This baby is from Goldie, a British online store. If you haven't checked it out, you have to! They have some really awesome stuff. 

I will be wearing this knitted tank top pretty much every day from now until September, so you will see it around the blog a few more times ;)

tank top: Goldie, shorts: UO, shoes: JC, sunglasses: Ben Sherman

Do you like the top?