Monday, January 28, 2013

silver on grey

If you follow me on Instagram (which I highly encourage you to do;)), this nail design must be old news to you. These were my nails last week and wanted to share them with you because I thought they were also really easy to do.

I only used one nail color (Cream Soda by Ciaté), two studs, nail foil and an orange-red color to draw a cross on my index finger. If drawing the cross is too hard for you, you don't really need to do it. I'd say that the nail foil on its own looks cool enough.

These were all the materials I used on my nails:

I actually love how they turned out.

Let me know what you think!


Wednesday, January 23, 2013


So, I think I discovered my new favorite store (or at least one of them). I don't think I have mentioned this before, but, I LOVE online shopping. I don't just like it. I love it. 

I prefer shopping in online stores about 99.99% of my shopping time! 

Anyway, enough talk. I just wanted to make a quick post and show you guys some of their awesomeness. The store is called Mentirosas (which was what caught my attention at first), Spanish word for liars (in feminine). 

The brand makes very unique and uncommon, but still super cool and trendy, urban pieces. I want everything in the store. I think I need to stop going on it every single day...

These are some pictures I was able to save from their website (which you can check out here).

I love the mix of materials, lines and shapes. If you want to see more pictures and videos from their store, you can also check out their Storyboard here.

I hope you like their website. The store is only one year old, so it could be one of those hidden jewels that you don't want to tell your friends about ;)


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

one color is not enough

I am currently (and have been for several months already) obsessed with wearing studs on my nails. I guess I always have been, but never as much as I am now. I would say that most (if not all) of my nail designs for the past four months have included studs in them. They are like the cherry on top. For some reason, I feel like my nails are missing something when I finish painting them and don't add a stud of some sort to at least one of my nails.

Some of you commented on my last nail post saying that most of the nail designs I did were too hard, so I went ahead and chose to post this one (after receiving more than a few compliments by random people). It is super easy, super cute, and super quick to do! You don't need to have the best pulse and/or drawing skills and I think they have that badass factor to them.

These were all the nail polishes I used (in order), and the studs which I just added at the end, before applying the top coat. 

I hope you like this simple design and try it on yourself!