Thursday, May 29, 2014

blue is the color of all that I wear

I've been really into pastel colors this season. Everything in a pink or blue pastel tone just makes my heart melt. They remind me of cotton candy and clouds. Sweet and calm. There's something very relaxing about those hues.

When I first saw this dress by Lavish Alice I thought it was so breathtakingly beautiful. It's just ideal for spring/summer. The blue pastel tone and the crop-top high-waisted skirt design are pure perfection. I can't describe it any other way. I am absolutely in love with it.

IMG_3556 IMG_3503 IMG_3494 IMG_3544 IMG_3513 IMG_3516 IMG_3505 IMG_3486
dress: Lavish Alice (here), sunglasses: Choies (here), flats: Zara, earrings: Tiny Box

Everything in Lavish Alice is amazing! I would have also loved to have paired this dress with these white sandals from their store. Check out their swimsuits too! I am crazy about their one-piece powder blue low-back frill swimsuit.

You must remember me wearing accessories from Tiny Box on older posts. I finally had the chance to wear these earrings and am glad I did with this dress. 

Let me know what you guys think!


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Friday, May 23, 2014

cutout booties + sloth necklace giveaway!

Hey guys!

 The weather has been amazing in Boston this week. It's just been beautiful. Warm, but not too much. Perfect for some cutout booties and shorts.

You must remember these Articles of Society shorts from my cinco de mayo post. I've been wearing them a lot (and will wear them much more). I've also been wearing these booties non-stop. They are super comfortable to walk in. What I really like about them is the color. I usually see them in black.

 The booties are from In case you want to check them out, they have all kinds of shoes and clothing items AND also have a 20% discount for students!

 shorts: AOS (here), cut-out booties: (here), sloth necklace: Beloved Shirts (here)

Isn't my sloth necklace super cute?! It's from Beloved, the store that makes the Frida sweater I wore on my cinco de mayo post that you all loved. They recently came out with a new jewelry collection: sloth rings and necklaces! They are way too cute!

Beloved has been kind enough to let one of my readers win this super cute sloth necklace (or ring). 


All you have to do to participate is:
  - Head over to Beloved (click here) and see whether you would like to win a ring or a necklace
- Leave a comment below saying: I want a sloth necklace/ring!

If you want some extra entries:
- On Twitter, tweet: #iwantaslothnecklace @instant_milk @belovedshirts 
- On Instagram, write a comment on any picture you upload saying: #iwantaslothnecklace #belovedshirts @milkyinstant @belovedshirts

Don't forget to leave a comment for each extra entry. This giveaway will end on May 31st!

Monday, May 19, 2014


Hi guys!

I hope your week started off well. Mondays are not the best days, but a little blog surfing always makes them better. After looking through several blog posts I decided I should post too!

I had been waiting for this necklace to be mine for some weeks. I fell in love with it when I saw it on PROPS Etsy store, a hand-made jewelry store from Athens, Greece. My necklace is part of their Ethnic collection, which is based on Greek traditional designs and clothes. It's full of pom-poms, ropes, fringes, wood, and gold! You can see the rest of that collection here.

I love how the necklace boosts a simple t-shirt and makes it look somewhat elegant. I love the contrast it has against the black, and the life it brings to an all-black outfit.  It really stands out! I love all-black outfits, and they certainly don't have to be boring.

IMG_3359 IMG_3450_3 IMG_3286 IMG_3429 IMG_3478 IMG_3354 IMG_3403 IMG_3291
t-shirt: h&m, pants: Tobi, necklace: PROPS (here), heels: Alain Manoukian, bag: La Sleek Fashion (here), sunnies: Delirious  

What did you guys think about my bag? It's from the British online store La Sleek Fashion. Isn't the black patent leather with the snake-skin effect beautiful? It is also surprisingly affordable! 

They have so many great designs! I think the Karen, the Pixie, and the Pink Paper bags would also be great for spring.

Let me know what you guys think!


Thursday, May 15, 2014

crystallized swarovski jewelry

Hey guys!

As I promised on this post, I am going to talk to you about your CHIC statement, the store where my earrings were from. I also wanted to show you some close-up pictures of the earrings because the ones on that post didn't do them justice. 

What attracted me to your CHIC statement is that all of their pieces are handmade in Italy. You know how much I love handmade stuff!

 All of the pieces from this online jewelry store are made with crystallized Swarovski elements and nickel-free rhodium-plated brass metal. You can find chain necklaces, pendant necklaces, bracelets, and earrings among their collection. My favorite part about their online store is that you can search for products by the color. So, if for instance you bought a purple dress, and you only want to wear it with purple jewelry, you click on the "Shop Purple" section and you will find all their purple accessories. I think this makes the shopping process quick and easy!

IMG_2846 IMG_2856 IMG_2863 IMG_2853
white crystal earrings: your CHIC statement (here), blue crystal earrings: your CHIC statement (here)

The earrings are very well-made and look so elegant on! I chose both colors because I wanted to have one pair for day looks and another for night looks. But, I think they are both perfect for transitioning from day to night. 

I also loved this Black Diamond Sofia Necklace. It's gorgeous!

Check out your CHIC statement and let me know which are your favorite pieces! By the way, this online store ships to Canada and US:)


Sunday, May 11, 2014


First of all, happy Mother's Day to all the mums reading this! 

I thought I'd do this post just in case some of you forgot to buy your mothers a present. I have to show you a really cool jewelry store, and also have a 20% discount for you!

This post is very special to me, because I have been trying to put together a look with all thrifted/second-hand/vintage pieces. Last time I did that was when I first started my blog, on this post (click)

Thrifting is such an important part of my wardrobe. Most of the time, I wear something thrifted. I mix and match thrifted things with new ones on a daily basis. And as you may have noticed, I incorporate at least one thrifted item on most of my blog posts.

The only new piece I am wearing on this post is the Antique Crystal Necklace by Zoe Emilie, which complete fits with this outfit because it has the vintage look to it. It's gorgeous!

IMG_2525 IMG_2483 IMG_2646 IMG_2552 IMG_2571 IMG_2547 IMG_2461 IMG_2545
top: thrifted, shorts: Dolce Vita (thrifted), shoes: YSL (thrifted), bag: Moschino (thrifted), necklace: Zoe Emilie (click here for more necklaces)

Definitely check out Zoe Emilie, and follow them on Facebook (click here) and Instagram (click here). They have other beautiful pieces, like the Mint Floral Necklace and the Victorian Turquoise Earrings. They also have great giveaways the first Friday of every month!

For a 20% discount on all their jewelry, use the code: IM20OFF (good until the end of May!)

Zoe Emilie will also be having a Facebook sale on Wednesday night at 8:30pm EST! You can also combine your 20% coupon code with Wednesday night's deals!

What's your favorite piece from Zoe Emilie?


PS: If you live in Boston, Zoe Emilie will be at Healthworks on Tuesday the 13th and you can stop by!

Friday, May 9, 2014

5 days of aos: instantmilk

Hi there!

I am super excited to show you these pictures. Not only because of everything I'm wearing, but also because you can see the Prudential on the background of some of the photos. The weather has been  a m a z i n g  and great for taking pictures!

Ok, moving on to what should be important on this blog, the outfit. In collaboration with Articles of Society, 5 different bloggers have been sent the same pair of pants: the Mya Teal Skinny Jeans. The idea was to showcase the versatility of the jeans and bring you #5daysofAOS!

I love bright colored jeans. I have a yellow, pink, and green pair already. I was only missing this beautiful teal pair to complete my spring jeans wardrobe. They're beautiful!

IMG_2384 IMG_2374 IMG_2404 IMG_2316 IMG_2341 IMG_2329 IMG_2397 IMG_2365 IMG_2414
top: thrifted, jeans: Articles of Society (here), heels: don't remember, bag: Chanel, sunglasses: Kate Spade, earrings: your CHIC statement (here)

Did you notice my earrings? They are from your CHIC statement, and are handmade with crystallized Swarovski elements and rhodium plated brass. I will make a separate post about these and another pair of earrings on a later post. I have so much to share with you about this store!

Hope you guys like this look!


PS: check out the other #5daysofAOS looks 5/5 Simplee Chic5/6 Sensible Stylista, 5/7 Fashionably Kay, 5/8 Ambiguously Me

Sunday, May 4, 2014

cinco de mayo

Hey guys!

I am posting today just in case you needed some Cinco de Mayo inspiration. This is my take on a modern Cinco de Mayo outfit: a Frida Kahlo printed sweatshirt, a flower crown, some sort of a clear colorful clutch, distressed denim, and espadrille platforms.

If you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen me wearing this flower crown from Crowned By Flowers. I am in love with its white and lilac shades. I'm going to be wearing this so much during spring! 

I am also going to be wearing these shorts from Articles of Society A LOT. They are extremely comfortable and were even named "Jean of the Month" by Nylon Magazine on their May issue. It feels very cool to try them on!

IMG_2729 IMG_2766 IMG_2652 IMG_2839 IMG_2739 IMG_2695 IMG_2750 IMG_2770 IMG_2677
sweatshirt: Beloved (here), shorts: Articles of Society (here), clutch: Etsy (the store closed), sunglasses: Choies (here), shoes: JC, clear ring: Lake Yacht Club (here), flower crown: Crowned By Flowers

Whenever I walk around, I keep an eye open for beautiful views/houses/walls/streets. Little details like those just make my day. 

This house has caught my attention for quite a while. It has a little sign that says it's a historic building, which makes it even more interesting. I love its vibrant color, and the red tulips that recently flourished in its front yard.

I hope you guys like these pictures and Cinco de Mayo ideas! 

Thank you for all your comments. You make me so happy!