Monday, September 28, 2015

bathtub series: jelly

Hi everyone!

Here is the second set of the bathtub series. Although I love them all (and still haven't posted a couple), I have to say this is probably one of my favorites.

I've been meaning to show you this beautiful one-piece swimsuit from Meyli Miyaru for over a year now. I was only able to share a picture on Instagram last year, but every time I tried to shoot it it would just get colder and colder. 

Meyli Miyaru designs very dreamy swimsuits, with one-of-a-kind prints. You won't see their stuff anywhere else. They have this jelly fish swimsuit on sale (because it's now from their old collection), so you can buy it for a lot less. 

Definitely do check their new designs out. They are beautiful.

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swimsuit: Meyli Miyaru (here),  accessories: My Kitsch (also available in 14k gold here, here, here, and here)

Again, loving how my Beyond the Stars Y necklace looks! They now have the same necklace with a marble stone, and it's so beautiful.

I hope you liked this one, and can't wait to share the rest of this series with you:)!


Photography by: Melissa Isabel


  1. Preciosas las fotos.. pura belleza..! Felicidades guapa ;)

  2. LOVE the photos! Awesome blog xox

  3. It's weird ......I left a comment on this post some days ago, but it's not here :(
    Could you check your spam folder, please?
    Anyway, you look stunningly beautiful on these photos, all the shots are amazing. Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a happy week ahead<3


    "Health & Beauty"

  4. The bath series is so gorgeous….how creative! The suits are so beautiful too! xo

    adorn la femme

  5. So beautiful photos..


  6. Such magical, beautiful photos! Lovely, as always! xo


  7. wooow... this is an amazing editorial! you look like a diva!

  8. The pictures are like ripped from a catalog. Great ones!

  9. Oh dear this is so amazing photos of you.Love it!!

    Tnx for comment me :)